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Transitional Fall: What to Wear?

The Post-Labor Day period of time from September to November has always been a tricky style time.  No more White?  Too early for boots? Some days are still hot and muggy, others are cool. Transitional Fall calls for a stylish topper to add to jeans and tshirts, dresses and  even shorts!  A light weight duster is a great transition piece before a heavy coat or sweater is needed. Here are a few ideas: Sequined Hand-Blocked Print Duster with contrasting block print lining. THe Paris Duster in Satin Modal, vegetable hand tie-dyed design.   The BE Velvet Duster is perfect and popular over jeans or dresses.  Only 4 left in stock at a great price or $95!  Definitely a steal and...

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By-Hand Techniques Unique to Rajasthan, India Coming For Spring 2022!

  One of the many great pleasures of working with local artisans in India includes utilizing native techniques to bring stunning hand-touched creations to our Binding Energies tribe here in the USA.    The 2022 Spring/Summer Collection will not disappoint!  "By Hand" techniques will be on display in our BE Kaftans, dresses and dusters.  HAND-BLOCKED PRINT DRESSES This fresh new collection features hand-blocked print dresses, an age old tradition in India that uses wooden blocks and vegetable dye to create patterns on fabric. The hand application authentically displays slight imperfections and differences made by the human hand.     HANDMADE TIE DYE DRESSES Another by hand technique will be seen in our Satin Modal Handmade Tie Dyed dress and duster collection....

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Binding Energies...Let's Bind!

This is the story of how we work.  Original designs created by BE, handmade by artisans in Jaipur, India, using vintage fabrics and embellishments. With an eye toward modern design, we create boho style and yoga-centric collections, including our famous Be Moving Yoga Mat and Travel Bag upcycled from Indian saris.

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