Binding Energies...Let's Bind!

How we work

Ever wonder where your fashion comes from?  Who designs it? Who sews it? Are the materials vegan? Are the work spaces healthy? Are the people involved in the enterprise ethical? Kind? Serving others?

We believe you care.  We care.  So Binding Energies listens to our wearers and designs yoga-centric fashion and accessories that you can feel good about because we promise you, WE DO!

We authentically source and produce our original designs with local artisans from the cradle of yoga...India. 

Selecting vintage kantha

On my first working trip to Jaipur,  I was, of course, confronted with a completely different world of sights, sounds, smells, tastes...everything was different! Exotic and colorful, exciting and loud, while simultaneously, worrisome, in terms of street poverty and cows in the road (so sweet, but nervous about their safety and mine!)   

But the families we work with are kind and welcoming, and I immediately felt at ease.  We sorted through hundreds of vintage kanthas, one by one to select just the right fabrics for our upcycled yoga mat bags.

We had lunch in the home of our gemstone jewelry artisan.  A lovely family who all live together in a beautiful apartment above the family-owned gemstone stringing work space.  

We go to all our work spaces, know all our suppliers to ENSURE we are enabling families, especially WOMEN to earn a good wage in a NON FAST FASHION workspace.  

So after two years of being involved with the Binding Energies brand, many of my questions were answered.  And we want any questions you have to be answered, too. 

Keep binding with us.  Let us tell you stories about our brand. We want to hear yours!  If you carry an upcycled sari yoga mat bag, Our best-selling BE Moving Bag, you probably have a story to tell us!

How you selected YOUR bag, how it SPOKE to you.  The ENERGY you feel connecting to the women of India.  The questions you get, "Where did you get that bag?"

Keep the bind going!  Let's Bind!

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