Transitional Fall: What to Wear?

The Post-Labor Day period of time from September to November has always been a tricky style time.  No more White?  Too early for boots? Some days are still hot and muggy, others are cool.

Transitional Fall calls for a stylish topper to add to jeans and tshirts, dresses and  even shorts!  A light weight duster is a great transition piece before a heavy coat or sweater is needed.

Here are a few ideas:

Sequined Hand-Blocked Print Duster with contrasting block print lining.

THe Paris Duster in Satin Modal, vegetable hand tie-dyed design.


The BE Velvet Duster is perfect and popular over jeans or dresses.  Only 4 left in stock at a great price or $95!  Definitely a steal and a great addition to your fall wardrobe.

Check our site for these great transitional dusters!  It's what to wear this Fall!

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