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We Travel the World so We can Breathe, We Create so We can Share, We Share so We can Bind. Come Bind With Us...

The bind that exists between the magic of India and Yoga is undeniable. So when three yoga lovers and good friends decided to realize this magical bind to good purpose for American women and women abroad, Binding Energies was born.

The beginning idea was a beautiful line of handmade yoga mat bags sewn from up-cycled saris once worn by Indian women, washed and softened and restitched by hand to hold our prized possession: our yoga mats.

By binding with artisans in Jaipur, Istanbul, and Marrakesh,  we honor the cottage industries where women, in particular, benefit from safe workspaces and fair wages.

Adding to the first collection of bags, BE sources semi-precious crystal gemstone necklaces and silver mantra pendants, engraved in English and Sanskrit: Be Formidable, Be Change, Be Kindness. Gemstone prayer bead malas with unique gemstone tassels, bracelets, earrings and more. 

Along the way, find more treasures, share more love, sew kaftan dresses, silk kimonos, suede trimmed handbags with vintage jeweled embellishments, vintage Silk Souzani repurposed into wristlet bags... Binding Energies continues to evolve.

Le-Arne. An Aussie, a master designer, and world traveller who ventures down alleyways searching for fabrics, embellishments and new treasures. She loves binding with the women who sew and gentlemen who polish and hand-string our jewelry in Jaipur.

Virginia. A mom of 6, discovered yoga one day and seemingly the next day, was the owner of 5 yoga studios across the country, Hot Asana Yoga Studios. She now trains hundreds of teachers through her Hot Asana University and helps us create the right items and displays for yoga studio retailers.

Lisa. A former advertising executive became a 500 RYT yoga instructor at age 50; It's never too late! Lisa mans the website, creates ads and promos, and is the direct liaison with retailers and online customers.

3 Friends on a Mission travel together...most recently to Paris to indulge in a macaroon cooking class. (above) We dine together, practice yoga together, support each other’s lives, in a word, we bind.

Bind with us.

Get to know us.

Share our enthusiasm for all things yoga.

Wear our mantras, carry your yoga mat wrapped in the ancient world of India with fabrics once worn by women like us... women who have lived and loved and never give up!


Contact: Lisa Youngclaus 910-603-2179. lisa123y@me.com

Binding Energies